Atom Fanless Railway Computer

Nexcom Fanless Railway Computer – An Overview

A fanless railway computer is a specialized computing device designed for use in railway and rolling stock environments. Unlike traditional computers that rely on fans for cooling, fanless computers utilize passive cooling methods to dissipate heat, making them suitable for the unique challenges posed by railway applications. These computers are built to withstand harsh conditions such as temperature fluctuations, vibrations, dust, and humidity commonly encountered in rail systems.

Railway computer

Key Features: A Glimpse into Excellence

The nROK1031/1031-C2 Atom Fanless Rail Computer, powered by the Intel Atom x6413E quad-core processor, emerges as a symbol of technological prowess. With a mere 9W TDP, it seamlessly balances power and efficiency. Let’s delve into its key features:

  1. Compact and Fanless Design: The streamlined design ensures a compact form factor, ideal for space-constrained rail environments. The fanless operation eliminates concerns over dust accumulation and reduces maintenance.
  2. 5G NR and Wi-Fi 6/6E Wireless Communication: Stay connected like never before with options for 5G NR and Wi-Fi 6/6E wireless communication. Real-time data exchange, streaming, and communication are elevated to unprecedented levels.
  3. Built-in U-Blox M9N GNSS: The built-in U-Blox M9N GNSS module empowers accurate positioning, navigation, and time synchronization, crucial for modern rail operations.
  4. CAN Bus 2.0B and Optional SAE J1939: The inclusion of 1 x CAN bus 2.0B, with the option for SAE J1939 protocol, ensures seamless integration with various rail systems, enabling efficient data exchange.
  5. Expansion Possibilities: The Nexcom Rail Computer offers remarkable expansion capabilities with 1 x full-size mini-PCIe socket and 2 x M.2 sockets. This opens doors for integrating additional modules and functionalities, such as LTE/5G NR communication.
  6. Dual Display Outputs: Enhance monitoring and control with dual display outputs – HDMI 1.4b for high-definition visuals and VGA port for legacy compatibility.
  7. Optional AI Accelerator Module: Embrace the future of rail computing with the optional AI accelerator M.2/mPCIe module, unlocking advanced analytics and predictive capabilities.
  8. Certified for Excellence: The Nexcom Fanless Rail Computer holds certifications by CE, UKCA, FCC, and EN 50155, ensuring compliance with stringent industry standards.

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Specifications: Powering Performance

The Nexcom Railway Computers boasts impressive specifications:

  • Intel Atom x6413E quad-core processor, 1.5GHz, TDP 9W
  • Memory support up to 32GB, with In-Band ECC (IBECC)
  • Dual video outputs – HDMI 1.4b and VGA
  • Flexible storage options with a 2.5” SATA 3.0 drive bay and M.2 2280 Key M slot
  • Multiple expansion slots, including full-size mini-PCIe and M.2 sockets
  • Default U-Blox NEO-M9N GNSS module for precise positioning
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope for accurate motion detection
  • Compact form factor optimized for rail environments

Applications: Redefining Rail Computing

The Nexcom Fanless Rail Computer from Tekdis is a versatile solution with applications spanning across the rail sector:

  1. Onboard Control and Monitoring: Manage critical systems, monitor passenger information, and ensure safety with real-time data.
  2. Fleet Management: Optimize fleet operations, track vehicles, and gather performance data for enhanced efficiency.
  3. Infotainment and Passenger Experience: Deliver engaging content, entertainment, and information to passengers during their journey.
  4. Telematics and Remote Maintenance: Gather and analyze data for predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.
  5. Wireless Connectivity Hub: Serve as a wireless communication hub for data exchange between onboard and ground systems.

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The Nexcom Fanless Rail Computer emerges as a transformative force in rail computing. With its compact design, robust features, and relentless performance, it propels rail systems into the future of connectivity, efficiency, and safety. Whether enhancing passenger experiences, optimizing fleet management, or powering intelligent rail systems, Nexcom’s innovation reshapes rail computing, ensuring a smoother and smarter journey for all. Elevate your rail operations – embrace the Nexcom Fanless Rail Computer and witness the evolution of rail technology firsthand.

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