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X200 Embedded Board Boosts Digital Transformation in AI Image Processing

In today’s technologically advanced world, healthcare professionals have begun to rely on imaging data to detect, characterize and monitor diseases. Imaging technologies are able to assist qualified caregivers in performing timely and quality bedside services for inpatients. Extending from its expertise on smart city solutions, NEXCOM X200 embedded board offers the best solution for healthcare industries worldwide. Fueled by Intel’s latest integrated GPU, Iris® Xe, the X200 is intended to improve various graphics-intensive tasks in the healthcare industry, such as visual inspection or imagery analysis. Visual decoding requires considerable computing resources and the embedded AI enables fast, reliable, predictive, and reactive intelligence based on collected data provided by the healthcare professional. Its solid graphic capabilities render 4K to multiple displays with ease. Moreover, its expandability for wireless and storage options makes it applicable for a variety of scenarios.

Enhance Vision Inspection capability with Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics Embedded Board

The latest Intel® Iris® Xe integrated graphics packs 96 execution units, delivering about 50% performance improvement, as well as 5x greater AI performance when compared to its predecessor.  Embedded board With the combination of embedded AI and 11th Gen Intel® Core™ (Tiger Lake-UP3) processor with integrated Iris® Xe, the X200 puts significant emphasis on graphics. Supporting M.2 Key M 2280 with PCIe x4 for HDMI 2.0 input capture card, it is able to provide high-resolution and color-accurate imaging. Therefore, it serves as a qualified solution in performing visual inspection and diagnosis for patients’ complications of tumor tissues, tiny bone fractures, and many other types of surgery operations for clinical reviews. The 4K at 60Hz flawless imaging offered by X200 will significantly reduce the time spent and effort was taken by physicians or imagery professionals on preliminary checkups, and also prevent the possibility of serious misdiagnosis.

Enjoy True 4K Multi-Display Experience Embedded Board

Thanks to the newest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ (Tiger Lake-UP3) processor, the X200, without much effort, is capable of handling 4K visuals at 60Hz, while performing multi-display imaging of up to 3 displays simultaneously through either HDMI 2.0 and/or DP++. Moreover, designed for utmost convenience, healthcare professionals are able to connect the eDP from the internal display interface onto their panel PC and/or nursing car, producing the same crisp imaging of 4K @ 60Hz. The numerous types of display interfaces provided give end-users the flexibility in terms of connecting to their compatible devices. The 4K flawless imaging brings even the smallest details in x-ray films to life, making automatic detection of abnormal x-ray imaging a reality.

Embrace Wireless Connectivity Embedded Board

A rich set of I/O along with comprehensive connectivity is what sets the X200 apart from its competition.  embedded board instance, considering that the ultra-high resolution images saved daily by healthcare professionals would take up a substantial amount of storage space, X200 provides users with a SATA connector for 2.5” SSD and a Key M slot for Key M 2280 SSD, in which both can be used simultaneously. industrial computers Moreover, the built-in M.2 2230 Key E supports add-on Wi-Fi modules to assist smart hospitals in connecting their network to the internet. With up to 8 USB ports and 2 COM ports, the X200 is able to connect a range of peripherals, from cameras to various medical devices, bringing convenience to end-users, giving them the ability to immediately transfer data all at their fingertips. Designed to work in an extended temperature range, -20°C to 60°C, this single board computer is not limited to just indoor hospitals but is also capable of performing outdoor tasks. With the extensive set of I/O support, stunning 4k imaging, and the efficiency it can bring to end users, NEXCOM’s X200 drives the future of healthcare.

Main Features

  • 11th Gen Intel® Core™ (Tiger Lake-UP3) processor SoC
  • 3.5” embedded form factor
  • Dual 4K @ 60Hz display output, DP++, HDMI 2.0
  • Supports 4K @ 60Hz eDP display output
  • Dual LAN ports and USB 3.0 ports for easy connection
  • DDR4 supporting up to 32GB, ensuring application responsiveness
  • TPM2.0 on-board, protects hardware and the boot process from malicious attacks
  • Watchdog programmable, automatically resets the processor whenever software anomalies are detected
  • iAMT supported, remote management solution intended to bring convenience for organizations and healthcare facilities
  • Onboard M.2 2280 Key M (PCIe x4) for storage modules
  • Onboard M.2 2230 Key E for optional Wi-Fi modules
  • Supports extended temperature and outdoor application CE/FCC Class B certified
  • ISO 13485 certified

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