In-Vehicle Computer VTC 1021 Encompasses On-Road Vision and Operational Efficiency

VTC 1021
Intel Atom® x5-E3940 processor Fanless In-vehicle computer


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NEXCOM in-vehicle computer VTC 1021 facilitates surveillance and operational efficiency bringing public transit and fleet management into the smart era. Based on Intel Atom® x5-E3940 processor, the VTC 1021 represents a versatile solution combining strong computing power, 2 PoE ports to add video feed, major flexibility, wireless communication, and GPS tracking, to record locations, internal activities, driving patterns, and vehicle diagnostics for a greater level of surveillance, safety, management, and infotainment.

Intel Atom® x5-E3940 processor Fanless In-vehicle computer

Main Features

  • Intel Atom® x5-E3940 processor
  • Support 2x PoE ports, total 60W (VTC 1021-C2K only)
  • Support function expansion with 3x mini-PCIe
  • Built-in u-blox NEO-M8N GPS, optional DR support
  • Built-in CAN bus 2.0B. Optional OBDII SAE J1708/ J1939 function
  • 2 GbE, 1x SATA 2.0, 1x USB3.0, 2x USB2.0, 2x SIM with external access
  • 3x DI & 3x DO, Mic-in, Line-out

In tour buses, the powerful VTC 1021 enables onboard Wi-Fi, plays movies, informs upcoming destinations, and handles payment, aiming to also create a joyful ride for passengers.NEXCOM Dedicated to on-road transportation, the in-vehicle computer brings operational efficiency to fleet management. Installed in minivans, the in-vehicle computer with GPS and wireless communication provides managers a secure real-time tracking of goods and remote updates to drivers on the road, with an optional Dead Reckoning (DR) feature to pin the location of the GPS signal is unreachable.

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