PoE Integrated NViS 3542 Series Excels at Mobile NVR

NViS 3542
ANPR/LPR Mobile NVR Surveillance System with Intel Core i7/i5 Processor, 1xPCle slot


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NEXCOM PoE-integrated NViS 3542/3542P4/3542P8 consolidates mobile NVR with surveillance capability, vehicular functionality, and system reliability. . Based on the Intel® Core™ i7/i5 processor, the PoE-integrated NViS 3542 series supports high bandwidth GbE LAN, PoE interface, GPS communication, WAN/WLAN connectivity, and hot-swappable HDD. This ruggedized mobile NVR series guarantees highly reliable performance in challenging mobile environments and is suitable for use in police patrol cars, fire engines, ambulances, public transportation, and more. 

Mobile NVR NViS 3542

Target Application

  • Patrol car
  • Fire engine
  • Ambulance
  • Public transportation

Main Features

  • Up to 8x PoE ports
  • Dual VGsA or VGA/DVI independent displays
  • Vibration: MIL-STD-810F 514.5 C3-Composite wheeled vehicle (SSD with vibration kit)
  • Support Intel® Core™ i7/i5 processor
  • Mobile Intel® QM57 PCH
  • Dual Intel® Gigabyte Ethernet ports
  • 3x R232 and 1x R232/422/485 with auto flow control
  • On-board DC to DC power design to support 9V to 30V DC power input
  • Support ATX power mode and PXE/WoL
  • Support 3G/3.5G/Wi-Fi/ GPS communications
  • 1x PCIe x1 slot for ANPR/LPR video capture

Excellent PoE-Integrated Surveillance

The NViS 3542 series integrates a PoE interface.This series has excellent graphics capability to process HD contents playback and recording in real-time.

Mobile NVR ANPR LPR-Video Capture

Extra Vehicular Functionality

With a view to assisting personnel from a distance, 3G/3.5G/Wi-Fi network along with GPS communication is supported by NViS 3542 series, which allows personnel to remotely access video footage and location information and to rapidly make necessary responses. interface.

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