Significant Reasons Behind Buying Rail PCs from Tekdis in 2022

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Rail PCs have always served as consistent equipment. They operate extensively and require a device to handle the operations. They are deliberately developed electronic devices with a series of applications and are precise for trains operating in severe environments.

As the vehicle industry advances with autonomous driving, the acceptance of Rail PCs and Vehicle PCs are becoming more accepted. The principal facets of Rail PCs and Vehicle PCs comprise data integration and analysis. The algorithms crafted for these PC devices assist in connecting explicit vehicle sensors.

Additionally, these PCs fetch, process, and retort all data traffic. They further leverage this data to make intelligent and swift driving-related decisions.

Vehicle PCs are Apt for Which Transportation Vehicles?

Vehicle PCs can be used in all sorts of transportation vehicles, including trains, passenger cars, regular buses, school buses, trucks, police cars, armoured vehicles, fire vehicles, ambulances, engineering vehicles, and chemical-loaded trucks.

For Vehicle PCs, the features and operations may differ a little depending upon the vehicle you drive. The vehicle PCs are mostly used on trucks, cars, fleets, where they can track these vehicles precisely. Hence, whatever category of vehicle you may have, you can buy a vehicle PC if you feel the requirement for having modern functionalities in your vehicle.

Critical Applications of Rail PCs

Rail PCs are compact, rugged and waterproof while dealing with external devices and their precise connections.

The Rail PCs enable their applications by blending with auto electronics to offer steadiness for executing critical functions like intelligent surveillance, capturing of image and recognition, GPS positioning, audio navigation and mobile communication.

The Rail Computers, also called in-vehicle PCs, have the capacity to easily connect with numerous digital devices to your vehicle system to have a flawless driving experience.

The functionalities provided by Rail PCs assist in performing multiple operations under challenging scenarios. So, if you are a person who spends a significant time driving vehicles, you must take advantage of these advanced modern-day devices. The Amount of Processing Power and Required I/O 

Vehicle and Rail PCs typically get heated up rapidly on performing numerous operations. That is why you should opt for a device that transmits the lowermost thermal design power.

It is better to record the number of I/O devices you require to connect to the intended vehicle while opting for Vehicle PCs. And also, check the overall power ratings as they may alter. What are the Things to Deliberate While Purchasing Rail PCs?

Rail PCs require to be solid and heavy-duty to significantly enable all sorts of scenarios and conditions. Here are a few important and essential things to note:

  • The Rail PC must be an industrial-grade solution that is trustworthy to use.
  • The display must have a superior quality touch screen.
  • It should be a comprehensive and compact PC to save space.
  • The presentation should be visually manageable with sunlight acquaintance.
  • The SSDs utilised in the PCs should fully comply with industrial-grade benchmarks.
  • The Rail PCs must have gone by a precise industrial-grade quality testing process.
  • The PCs must have exposure to anti-shock capacity to accomplish well in all landscapes.

Significant Rail Computer Specifications 

All Rail computer systems can be entirely configured and integrated to client’s specification comprising:

  • Manufacturing Grade System Memory
  • Motorized HDD or Engineering SSD storage
  • M12 terminations 
  • Precise Peripheral Cards
  • Remote COMs and Power Inputs
  • Explicit Telematics and CANBUS
  • Programmable Ignition Smarts
  • Steadfast On-board Ublox GPS
  • Elective dead reckoning GPS

These PC’s can also be customised for railway applications comprising features like train management, fleet management, transportation regulation, information transfer, and safety surveillance.

Moving Forward

Now that you are familiar with the functionalities, operations, and several other facets of rail and vehicle PCs, getting one for yourself shouldn’t be a big issue in 2022. Vehicle PCs provide an exceptional assortment of intermodal transportation usages that can take your driving experience to the next level. 

Tekdis-Built Rail PCs are one of the best devices that are explicitly developed for rolling stock and trackside purposes. The PC’s have a robust design, and their rigid construction offers seamless working in rough surroundings.

Tekdis UK and Tekdis LLC manufacture Rail Computers from extruded aluminium chassis. All their systems are entirely fanless and utilise only embedded processors. Our Rail PCs match all the benchmarks, are fully certified, and ensure safety from all possible hazards. 

To find out more about the Tekdis-Built Rail PCs and Vehicle PCs we offer, please connect with our marketing and sales teams.

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