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Micro-ATX Motherboard IEI Integration IMB-9454G

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The IEI Integration IMB-9454G is a micro-ATX Motherboard that features an Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium® 4/ Pentium® D/ Celeron® D FSB 533/800/1066MHz CPU. It also has a VGA port, Dual PCIe GbE, SATA II, USB 2.0, 6 COM, and Audio support. This makes it a great choice for a single board computer or micro-ATX motherboard.

micro-ATX motherboard IMB-9454G

The micro-ATX motherboard IEI Integration IMB-9454G supports Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium 4/ Pentium D/ Celeron D CPUs with an FSB of 533/800/1066MHz. The VGA is integrated into the Intel 945G chipset. Dual-channel DDRII 533/667MHz support is up to 4GB. There are four SATA II connectors, eight USB 2.0 ports, and six COM ports on this motherboard. The FDD, LPT, and SPDIF connectors are also available. The

IEI Integration IMB-9454G is a reliable and affordable micro-ATX motherboard.

Packing List

The IMB-9454G Single Board Computer includes the following items:

1 x IMB-9454G Single Board Computer

2 x Dual RS-232 Cable

1 x SATA Power Cable

1 x IDE Cable

2 x SATA Cable

1 x I/O Shielding

1 x Mini Jumper Pack

1 x Utility CD

1 x QIG.

micro-ATX motherboard

A micro-ATX motherboard is a motherboard that is designed to be used in small form-factor computers and HTPCs. It has a smaller footprint than a standard ATX motherboard and often has fewer features. However, because of its smaller size, a micro-ATX motherboard can be more affordable than a standard ATX motherboard.

Some of the key features of a micro-ATX motherboard include:

-a reduced number of expansion slots

-a reduced number of connectors for storage devices and expansion cards

-a reduced number of SATA ports

-a reduced number of USB ports

-a reduced number of fan connectors

Despite its reduced number of features, a micro-ATX motherboard can still support a wide range of processors and memory modules. This makes it an ideal choice for small form-factor computers and HTPCs.

IEI Integration Corp

IEI Integration Corp is a provider of embedded computing solutions. Their products include single board computers, industrial motherboards, and system-on-modules. Their products are used in a variety of industries, including medical, automotive, and industrial automation.

One of their most popular products is the IMB-9454G industrial motherboard. This motherboard is designed for micro-ATX cases and is suited for a variety of applications, including factory automation, kiosks, and digital signage. It features the Intel Q170 chipset and comes with six SATA 6G connectors, two USB 3.0 ports, and one DisplayPort. It also supports up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM and has a wide range of I/O options.

If you’re looking for an industrial-grade motherboard that’s suitable for a wide range of applications, then the IEI Integration IMB-9454G is a great option. It’s reliable, feature-rich, and affordably priced, making it an excellent value for your money.

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