VTC 6201 Intel Atom D510 Fanless in-vehicle Computer with three GigoLAN and two sim card slots support


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Transportation computer designed for railway application requires a stable network connection in order operation effectively. With the capability to carry massive passenger and freight traffic, the railway network is often the backbone of a country’s transport network. The train running on the railway can cause continuous vibration and extreme shock when a train is started or stopped. A reliable connection on computer and network is a must to ensure 100% safe operation. Designed for the challenges of railway applications, NEXCOM‘s VTC 6201 transportation computer is equipped with dual SIM card slots and multiple screw-locked Ethernet ports which are designed to enhance signal and wiring connectivity.

Transportation Computer VTC6201

Main Features

  • Built-in Intel® Atom™ D510 dual core 1.66Ghz processor
  • Support two Ethernet ports in M12 connectors
  • Support 3G network with dual SIM card slots
  • 8- 60V wide range DC power input

Dual SIM Card Slots Availability

3G signal strength is often considered a problem for people in rural or border areas mainly because of variations in signal coverage. To maintain connectivity in even remote areas, VTC 6210  with two SIM cardholders, is able to automatically switch between two different network carriers thus optimizing signal connectivity in-vehicle computers. This feature is especially useful for journeys across different regions/countries or into areas where network connection is patchy.

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